Oct 072017

September was a decent month. I really can’t complain. We went to Chicago; I saw Taeyang and Emarosa; BTS released a new album and it’s jam-packed with, well, jams. And Blake and Haley moved super close to us!

We took Blake and Calvin to Parker’s for breakfast last Saturday. There was a nice morning bustle happening there and it pleased me greatly to see this place getting some action. Blake was impressed by the aesthetics. It’s something that Brookline was in desperate need of, you guys. Something cool.

Chooch was stoked because he finally found someone to play games with (Parker’s has several shelves of games) and this is also how we learned that Chooch sucks at Guess Who. Like, maybe he’s trying to abolish gender norms but he never asks, “Is it a boy or girl?” which is like the standard #1 question to ask when playing this game. But he’s like, “Is it a ginger?” “Does it have brown eyes?” “Is it kind of fat but not?”

My favorite part was when one of the moms from Chooch’s old school rolled in and was going to sit next to us until she saw me and then awkwardly said, “OK let’s sit over here,” and moved to a different table. LOL ALL THE WAY TO HELL.

Ooh, then I found this great comforter just when we were in need of a new one! Henry only said no because “it’s too expensive” and not because it’s Bigbang. I can only imagine the bitchfest this would cause from some people. “OMG she doesn’t let him sleep ever, but when she does, it’s under a bunch of Asian boys!” Yes, Henry’s life clearly sucks so hard.

My favorite part about this is that G-Dragon is in the middle and that’s pretty much where I sleep.

We went to the first haunt of the season! You can read Chooch’s review here. (He really put a lot of effort into it because he knew he was earning $5 worth of Robux whatever that even is, I don’t ask.) I’m worried that we won’t get very many haunted houses in this season because our weekends are jacked but I’m off all next week so I’m going to try to squeeze some in during the week! Some of them are open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which benefits me and we all know it’s all about me. My co-workers remind themselves about this all the time.

Obligatory truck stop bathroom selfie. You guys, we originally stopped at a Sheetz and it was the first time ever that I encountered a filthy, unusable restroom in a Sheetz. Every toilet was packed with poop and there were wads of wet, soiled toilet paper everywhere (hold on…..I’m burping up vomit). I WAS SO ANGRY. It was out in a rural area too so as we left the store, I loudly said, “FUCKING REDNECKS PROBABLY SIT ON THE TOILET, CHEERING FOR TRUMP WHILE SHITTING OUT THEIR BEEF JERKY EVERYWHERE” and Chooch started choking because he was laughing so hard, and Henry was like, “Please don’t make these truckers and hunters converge on us, thanks.” We drove for a little bit and I used the bathroom at an actual truck stop and it was so clean and wonderful. SHEETZ, YOU’RE GETTING A LETTER FROM ME. HOW YOU DARE. 

What else…Henry and I watched “Lavender” Sunday night, some horror movie with Abbie Cornish and my takeaway from that is that she’s a pretty terrible actor. The movie was more sad than anything, but there were some creepy parts. I’m not sure that I would go out of my way to recommend it though.

I also spent some time trying to teach Henry all the members of BTS because previously he just thought everyone was Jimin, because that’s a 52-year-old white American man for you I guess. Like, he came home one day last week and said, “I saw Jimin’s dog died” because he gets notifications from AllKpop and complains about it YET DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT. And I was like “Ok but it was actually Jin’s dog, nice try.” Anyway, now my friend Lizz (the only other kpop-loving friend I have!) and I are certain this means Jimin is Henry’s secret bias. 

And now I’m going to go and get ready to show my friends Maya and Scott around Pittsburgh because they’re visiting for the first time from Tennessee! And tomorrow is the pie party! #stress

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