Jan 122010

Corey came over Sunday night, as did Janna, and we stayed up talking until 2am. It was really nice and somewhat cathartic since we did a lot of family ranting, and it made me realize that we have more in common than I thought. Today, he leaves for a semester in London.

Have fun, Corey! Drink lots of Strongbow, listen to the Cure and most importantly – SEND ME SHIT!


  4 Responses to “Bon Voyage, Youngest Kelly-Child”

  1. Thanks! Miss you! Let Val and everyone know I’m okay over here because I don’t know my phone situation yet.

  2. is your last name kelly? because, if it is, this is really weird. it’s as if you’ve been documenting my entire life. my name is erin kelly. and i consider myself from “pittsburgh.” quotations meaning i live in butler and i’m one of those people that say i live in the city when somebody out of town asks. well, i was BORN in pittsburgh i’ll at least give myself that. but i’m not jumping to conclusions until we figure this out.

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