Mar 052011

What better photoshoot conditions than a cold and rainy day. Henry wasn’t thrilled about it, but too fucking bad. I need him around to hold my lenses.

“That was kind of scary,” Chooch informed me just now as he walked past, looking for a cat to torture.

This was Chooch’s idea. I went along with it because I liked the angel/demon juxtaposition.

How apropos.

I asked, in a kind of huffy tone, “Why do you always have to pose like a goddamn zombie?

“Because we’re in the cemetery?” Chooch answered, hands raised. Then he shook his head and gave me the “You’re so stupid, Mommy” laugh.

  5 Responses to “What You’ve Come to Expect: Cemetery Photos”

  1. His hat is so badass. Your kid is just too awesome. And I love the zombie pose…too funny!

  2. I really like the tree one!

  3. Luv the Chooch pics…

  4. Awesome shots!

  5. As usual, your eye is outstanding. My favorite’s the fourth one with the angel.

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