Jul 272008

Henry is old and naps. A lot.

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 12:37 You know there’s something wrong with me when those douchey Teletubbies are on my TV and I don’t even bother to turn it.
  • 13:37 Henry just taught me that the phrase No pain, no gain does not literally mean "push urself until u rupture muscles and choke on puke"
  • 13:53 Toni Basil gets on my nerves, but she made me fist-pump when she said this: Great art makes you feel something; its not just kids stuff.
  • 17:06 Words will be the death of me
  • 18:47 There’s ice cream cake at work. I asked Tina to cut me a piece since I’m helpless. She sighed in annoyance but I caught her smiling coyly.
  • 18:53 As she’s catering to me in mock exasperation, Tina just said I remind her of a little girl she used to babysit. Flirt alert.

  • 12:19 Two $24 concert tickets cost me $73.70. Does my blood taste good, TicketMaster?
  • 15:48 Outerspace is disgusting
  • 16:26 Maybe you’re the one that’s overrated.
  • 01:00 My heart belongs to Nightdreams
  • 01:05 I want to direct a porn where Jesus and Satan bang each other.

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  9 Responses to “Tweets and Random Picture Sunday: Camera Phone Edition”

  1. you are so purdy. you look GREAT!

    (you too, Henry)

  2. That hat is so prettyful! :D

  3. god, you’re beautiful.

    erin quote of the week:

    “she was fucking the devil for christ’s sake!!!!!”

  4. You look beautiful in that picture.

    And ticketmaster sucks giant hairy donkey balls, covered with a patina of anal juice.

  5. You KNOW I am cracking up at this picture!!

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