Dec 022011


“Do you guys want to go see ‘where the magic happens’?” Jason asked Terri and Christian, and then to me and Henry he said something to the effect that he figured we wouldn’t want to go back to the Alternative Press office since we were already there once.

But I was like, “Shit are you kidding, of course I want to go back.” That place rules. (From a non-employee perspective, anyway.)

And then Henry later said something about AP being a “magic castle” because he couldn’t remember exactly what Jason jokingly calls it, and I mockingly repeated him, at which point Jason thought I said “magic asshole” and was all, “Are you calling AP a magic asshole??” and I was all, “What, OMG no!” and tried to explain what happened but it was futile. Henry was so smug about this. Fuck off, Henry.




Jason asked us all what bands we were most interested in seeing that night, because he had some posters he wanted to give us. When I said Sharks, Henry quickly said, “You’re just saying that to suck up” and I wanted to fucking kill him.

Apparently, this was all because I took credit for the Boylans root beer. Henry and I are so competitive with each other, it’s kind of unhealthy.


Nickelback is Jason’s favorite band OF ALL TIME, you guys. But no really, check out the drawing right above it. That’s a Chooch original, hanging up at AP. I’m so proud of my kid.


I just can’t even explain how much I love AP. Well, apparently I can, but then I use too many words and get disqualified from contests. (Seriously, 6 years later and I still haven’t let go!)


Before the show, we went to a boutique, where Henry misread a sales tag to say size Huge instead of Large, and then we had root beer floats at Sweet Moses. Some of us even wore our root beer floats. (I’m not naming any names but it was definitely Christian.)


New friends! Christian and Terri are such a great couple, which was helpful considering we spent the whole entire day together, so hopefully they didn’t think we were douchy Pens fans. I mean, we totally are, but Henry at least can hide it pretty well. (I think Jason was prepared to assume the role of referee in case any Sidney Crosby arguments arose.)

I’m going to write about the show next, but Andrea is flying in tonight from California and spending a whole week with us this time (!!!) so I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to do it. I can probably just sit her down in front of some Lil Wayne videos and she won’t even notice I’m in the other room, pecking away at the keyboard with my tongue sticking out. (That’s seriously how I look when I write on here. There, I just let you in on something intimate.)

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