May 172012


Jonny Craig came downtown to work with me today!


Everyone was looking forward to meeting him, since he’s such a big departmental name. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about this, about how almost all of my co-workers know of his existence, and I said to Henry, “I bet Jonny Craig never imagined so many attorneys would know who he is—-” and then I stopped myself short as the stupidity of that statement sunk in. Of course there are attorneys who know who he is. He’s a drug addicted* criminal.

(*Sober. For now.)


Carey took me and Jonny to Arby’s for dinner. My Creamcicle shake came close to matching the orange hue of hsi ginger camaro-coif.


Here Jonny lounges next to the Keurig that I broke (and Nina fixed) last week.


Relxing next to the Conflicts puzzle and the rogue banana that I claimed 25 seconds previously from the kitchen table.


Hanging out in a tree, which I learned by accident is real and not fake.





Drinking in the nostalgia at MY OLD DESK. :(


Reflected Mullet.


Balancing on Julie’s yoga ball.


Playing with Lee’s toys.


Chillin’ in a bowl of his #2 fan, Wendy.

Jonny’s happy to see me, you guys!


Commiserating in ginger harmony with That Fucking Orange Ball.

I actually did work very hard today and almost cried at one point because I had so much to do. But I got it all done and thank god Jonny Craig was here to help me decompress, ya’ll. THANK GOD.

  6 Responses to “Jonny Craig visits the Law Firm”

  1. Love it!!!!

  2. I’m sorry I missed Jonny, but now I understand why you were so chipper when I dropped off my conflict check.

  3. Thank you so much for the laugh. In fact, I cant stop laughing! I think my favorite is on Julie’s ball!

  4. He might be the cutest little doll I’ve ever seen. And I love this. You should make some sort of book for him, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”-like.

  5. Regina just asked me if I was ok b/c I was choking I was laughing so hard…..

    Damn I needed this today. MORE JONNY’s ADVENTURES.

  6. jonny craig, conflicts master

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