Nov 072012


I love that Chooch’s front teeth are all exploited every time he take a swig from an iced tea bottle. It makes me crack up every time!


Here he is posing with Iceburgh (Penguins mascot) at the Heart Walk 5k we participated in Saturday morning. (Yet another frown-factory for Henry.)

Chooch has been especially sassy lately. Henry said they were at Kmart (ew) on Monday when Chooch grabbed a flag and shouted, “Me and mommy are voting tomorrow! We’re voting for Obama! Daddy’s voting for his ass!”

Then this morning, he casually asked, “I wonder if Mitt Romney is throwing a fit right now?”

In other news: what a fucking asshole of a week this is. Highlight was the Pierce the Veil show last night, which I wanted to write about today but I wasn’t able to take a break at work, so there went that idea.

Aron and I were commiserating today on what a cluster fuck work has been since our new program was launched on Monday.

“Well, a month from now—” he started.

“You’ll all be saying how much you miss Erin Kelly,” I finished for him.

And he laughed BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

  3 Responses to “Swigging: Iced Tea for Chooch, Poison for Me”

  1. Your kid is pretty funny sometimes, you know that? And good luck at work. I don’t do well with change either, so I sorta feel your pain.

    • Thanks, lady. I need all the luck I can get! On the upside, yesterday was the first day this week that I didn’t cry (being overly frustrated makes me cry and I hate that about myself, but I’m only human, I guess)!

      • We are in the same boat there. When I’m super pissed or super frustrated or super overwhelmed with life, I cry. My chest also gets all splotchy so I’m like a human mood detector. If I’m crying and my chest looks like I have a meth problem, stay the fuck away from me.

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