Apr 062013

On the way to LAND CASTER we saw wind meals and big blue puffy things and mommy was so scared! She was like


. HINT IF you want to scare Erin give her a gift with a big blue puffy thing in it and a wind meal in it.

[Ed.Note: Big blue puffy things = water towers. Thanks, Chooch.]















  3 Responses to “LAND CASTER”

  1. Great post Chooch!

  2. Chooch–I bet if we work at it, we could get one of the wind turbine owners to take your mom up to the top of a wind turbine to look out the hatch on the top of the housing. It’s only about 250 feet up, not that high. Hardly anyone ever falls off.

    Note: On my Facebook page, there’s a picture of me next to the cross on the steeple. That steeple is about 75 feet up.

  3. I just really love Chooch’s posts.

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