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For the newcomers or FAIRWEATHERED BLOG READERS (lol, j/k – fairweathered is better than no-weathered), RIP Glenns is the brainchild of Amber2. It’s a mash-up of the Halloween-costumed Glenns I made for my Halloween desk theme in 2012, where I printed out pictures of Glenn’s employee ID and essentially defaced them and put them in prize capsules. Then people would come to my desk every day to get their daily Glenn and candy and it was so much fun! Prior to that, we had a wall in the department where we would hang pictures of dead celebrities, but then we had to take them down for whatever reason. So Amber2 had the brilliant idea to merge the two!  The more you know.


Ugh you guys. So many celebrities died in 2016 that I could barely keep up with the RIP Glenns. In fact, I didn’t even do all of the ones I had on my list (sorry, Janet Reno!) because contrary to popular belief, I actually have real work to do at work, too. If there’s a celebrity that died sometime in the first half of 2016 that you feel is sorely remiss from the Glenn collection, please let me know and I will make one JUST FOR YOU. Because that’s the new me, you guys. Accommodating.


I think only three people appreciated this one, but man — Garry Shandling brings back fond memories of my childhood and watching age-inappropriate television.


Meh. I don’t really have anything eulogy-ish to say about Chyna. SORRY CHYNA.


If you’re any kind of hockey fan, you probably shed a tear when you heard that Mr. Hockey himself had passed away. </3


I posted this one right after Prince died, dedicating a whole post to him because come on, it’s motherfucking Prince.


Chiller Theatre was a little bit before my time, but my dad LOVED IT and would often reference it, so I had no choice but to know about it. For those non-Pittsburghers, Bill Cardille is a local treasure. As the persona Chill Billy, he hosted the show Chiller Theater, which aired sci-fi and horror movies. He also had a tourism company, which my grandma and Aunt Sharon used a few times for their trips to Europe, and it was like a huge deal that they were essentially “vacationing” with Chilly Billy. They always raved about how nice of a guy he was, and now I wish I had met him!

When I was helping my mom clean out my grandparents’ house last year, I came across a bunch of pictures they had taken from those trips, and he was in a lot of them. Everyone looked so happy AND NOW EVERYONE IS DEAD.



UGH talk about total childhood memories! When I was a kid, Nick At Nite used to play legitimate classic sitcoms, like The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, and the Patty Duke Show. I used to fucking watch the shit out of those shows after dinner, while writing letters to my pen pals that I found in the Alby’s Big Boy kids menu. (THEY EVEN PRINTED MY ADDRESS ONE TIME!!!!!) So when I think of Patty Duke, I think of innocent TV times. Also, HELEN KELLER? And she gave birth to MIKEY FROM THE GOONIES?! This lady ruled.


Who would have thought the murder (I don’t care what you say, it was murder) of a gorilla would spawn such an intense Internet meme? You can’t even read the comments on ANYTHING without seeing at least one Harambe-centric comment (unless you peep the comments on this here blog, because there are usually none, lol all the way home from the market). Harambe is the new Illuminati, I guess.

Dicks out for Harambe. :(


I’m not a boxing fan by any means, but this was just a big loss for sports in general. We were in Louisville last September and I wanted to go and see his grave but Henry was all “[BIG DUMB EXCUSES]” so I didn’t get to see it. :(


OK, I think that pretty much covers the RIP Glenns from spring and summer. I’ll be back later with fall and winter 2016. Boo hiss. Death sucks.

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  1. RIP Glenns are some of my favorite posts. BTW, Mickey from the Goonies was one of my first “celebrity” crushes, lol. Now that I think about it, was there an earlier crush…no, I don’t think so! But he grew up to be a not-so-hot Hobbit. Ugh.

  2. Bill Cardille was the man, back in my younger radio days I would help him put together his voice tracked shows when he would be away but we didn’t want it to sound like he was away. He had that Sean Connery vibe to him, that if he wasn’t happily married you could just tell he would be one of those older guys who could get hot younger women. If I look half as good at his age as he did (which would be quite something given I don’t look half as good as him now), I am blaming the whole thing on Mon Water. Bill also introduced me to Bruno Sammartino (another one of those guys who aged well), who was friends with Bill from back in the studio Wrestling days (Bill was the emcee for that on Channel 11) as well as the local host for the Jerry Lewis telethon. A little tidbit about Chiller Theater that you may or may not find interesting, it was on the air the same time NBC was rolling out a new Saturday night show, which you know to be Saturday Night Live. Pittsburgh was the only market in America where the NBC affiliate was allowed to preempt SNL, due to the ratings Chiller Theater got in that timeslot.

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