Jun 142013

Here at the Law Firm, there used to be a wall papered with pictures of dead celebrities. It was pretty fun for awhile and featured everything from Tupac to the planet Pluto, but eventually the novelty wore off, and then after two years, our boss took down all of the pictures because new offices were being erected (lol) in that area.

Last night, Amber2 and I were brainstorming Glenn ideas because my wicked streak has been too idle these last few months. If I’m not constantly fucking with someone, then I feel worthless and dead inside. Amber consulted her calender to see if we could incorporate any upcoming holidays, so then at least there would be a theme, and then remembered that Pride is this weekend here in Pittsburgh. While I would love to do a series of gay Glenns, I feel like maybe that wouldn’t go over too well (much like the desire to start a rumor that he’s a lesbian, which still makes me LOL every time to the point of weeping). But then Amber casually suggested that we bring back the RIP wall, Glenn-style, and if I had gotten on board any faster, I’d have capsized the motherfucking boat.


Still, I sent an email to Sandy and Nate, because they would for sure let me know if this was a good idea for real, and they were like “Yes, we approve” and then Sandy suggested that I start with Jean Stapleton, whom it turns out barely anyone here recognizes. Losers.

Wendy, however, was like, “If you say so….” when I tried to convince her that this was an excellent idea that would bring our department together like the old days. Interestingly, Glenn said that the exact same thing when I told him he was about to be a reluctant star again. (But like Henry, he secretly loves it.)


As you can see, I still excel at photographing my Glenns.


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