Nov 2

Glenns: The End


 Flock of Seaglenns, Dennis Rodman Glenn, Whoopi Glennberg, Hello Kitty Glenn.

I’m pretty sure these are the last of the Glenn stragglers. How anticlimatic, right? I haven’t known what to do with myself during my breaks everyday now. I wanted to take Real Glenn’s picture next to the Wall of Glenns, but he got all weird about it.

Starting on Monday, I have a new position here at The Law Firm, and a new boss too. Joy said that as my new supervisor, she demands a Glenn a day. So maybe I’ll find some non-Halloween slant to keep this alive.

One of the things I really wanted to do was to post an untarnished Glenn base here on the blog and have you guys make your own Glenns. You could either print it out and mail it back to me, or do it digitally and then we could have an Internet collection! I MEAN COME ON YOU GUYS, HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE!?

(Yes, this is the actual size of the Glenns I’ve been making.)

Look! I even made an email address for it: Send in  your Glenns!!

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  1. sabendro November 3rd, 2012 8:37 am

    oh how fun! the glenns continue with public participation… i’m in!

    congrats on the new job position. i hope you like it… how far away from barb will you be?

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