Dec 032012


 I’m not really that big on Christmas decorating, but all my work friends have their little desk trees out and I guess I caught some sort of gay (as in 1950’s happy, not gay) yuletide virus.

I told Henry that I wanted to make a Jonny Craig tree and asked him where I could find one.

“The garbage dump,” he mumbled.

Much to his chagrin,  I bought a small tree and some blank ornaments at Pat Catan’s on Saturday.


 Painted the ornaments red and gold and then glued some Christmas-y Jonny Craig pictures to them. Jonny Angel, Jonny Kringle…


…Ginger Jesus.



“You won’t be able to do that,” Henry said in the car today. “It’ll make the tree too top heavy!”




Random pom-poms upon my repurposed Halloween Carnival fabric. See Henry, I told you I would find other uses for it.

You might notice that my tree is unlit. I actually do have a strand of lights here, but I felt that at this point, it would basically just be gilding the lily.

(Or it could be because I have mild decorating retardation and couldn’t get the lights on it.)

It’s not done yet. I still have a garland of Glenns to make.

I also need more Jonny ornaments! Anyone feeling crafty? (No, seriously! Make me one!)

  3 Responses to “Jonny Tree”

  1. I love this tree! And I will see what I can do about getting you a Jonny ornament…

  2. Pahahahaha this is amazing!!

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