Apr 252013

Today is Chooch’s (and my phantom C-section incision pain’s) 7th birthday and I can hardly believe it. SEVEN! I hope that things continue to go up, because six was a not-so-bad age (as opposed to every single year that came before it). His little bitch ass temper tantrums have all but died out (probably because he’s moved on to more sophisticated ways to make us miserable) and his interests have certainly broadened. Six was the age he could finally start riding some of the bigger rides at amusement parks (obviously a very big deal for me and me alone), he went to his first wedding and his first concert (Pierce the Veil, whaddup!) and also started to really get The Walking Dead — before he was only interested in the zombie parts, but now we have these long, meaningful conversations about the characters and what we think will happen, and it’s really awesome because it’s something we do without Henry so then we get to say things like, “Ha-ha, Henry doesn’t know what we’re talking about because he sucks and doesn’t watch The Walking Dead. He probably wouldn’t understand it anyway.” And then Henry frowns.


Six was the year of “Call Me Maybe” dance parties and crossbows. Of starting a new school with normal people where he flourishes and is able to be himself with no judgment from all the prudent Catholic moms. Of making secret friends and going to haunted houses.

Six was a sweet age and I’m really looking forward to see what entertainment seven will bring!

And now here is a gratuitous photo montage of Chooch as a 6-year-old for you to enjoy while I go lay in bed and cry because if he is seven then that means I am OLD OMG CRISIS.


Apr 15 2012 079 copy

(This was technically a week before his 6th birthday, sue me.)


Zombie party!


Photobombing Andrea’s photoshoot.


At Conneaut.


Annoyed with me.


Oh Jesus Christ, our first attempt at a photoshoot without Henry there to supervise. Disastrous.



Pissed off at me at Lakemont Park.


First day of 1st grade!



IMG_6161 copy

Another disastrous photoshoot.

IMG_6200 copy

IMG_6212 copy


Everyone and their creepy dentist says that Chooch LOOKS JUST LIKE HENRY OMG and that’s fine, I’ve come to terms with that because Chooch has brought home 100%s on every single spelling test he’s had this year and he sure as shit doesn’t get THAT from Henry. That’s a tradeoff I’ll take, thanks.




One of the biggest things I’ve learned since becoming a parent is to just let the kid be himself. I’m sure there are people frowning down on me for letting him watch horror movies and speak freely (to this day he still NEVER swears in school and in public, or around his grandma, but we let him get away with it at home because after all, they’re just words & it’s not like it’s a Tarentino screenplay up in here), but I think it’s important to not have a super tight grasp on him. He is his own person and I’m proud of that. He might be a little smart ass, but he has a big heart. For example, when Henry took him to get cookies to take to school for his birthday, he got chocolate chip but then made sure to get butterfly ones for the girls. HE IS SUCH A LADIES MAN.

IMG_6530 copy copy

IMG_6543 copy copy


Happy birthday, Chooch! Here’s to another year full of photoshoots that increase your resentment for me! And also hopefully your first WARPED TOUR HOLY FUCK GET STOKED!

  6 Responses to “Lucky 7”

  1. Happy birthday Chooch! He’s totally this awesome little hipster man, which is a long progression from our first meeting. I still remember when he only spoke sporadic words, and it was hilarious to hear his two-year old voice spit out “ash-hole!” I seriously love that kid, and I can’t wait to see him next.

  2. What did Barb get him? Importantly, did she remember to get you something too?

    Great pictures! I remember enjoying being 6 personally.

  3. Fuck yeah! Chooch is 7, and Erin (with Henry’s help of course) continues to kick parentings ass the right way (she’s got the photos to prove it!)! Happy Birthday young’in, and here’s to the rest of your life filled with phantom C-Section pains Erin! LOL! I suffer from that myself, twice over! There needs to be a party of some sort for that! We need more credit dammit! And Warp Tour!!!! Something to look forward to!

  4. These pictures are classic. I only wish I had ones like this from when I was a child. Happy Birthday to Chooch!

  5. Happy birthday Chooch! I haven’t been around for a long time but watching you grow over the last year and a half or so has been awesome. And Warped Tour? Dude, you’ve got the coolest mom. I didn’t get to go to Warped Tour until I could drive myself.

    And Erin – he might look like Henry but he is ALL YOU in personality. I love your pictures. And I look forward to many more years!

  6. It’s so obvious how loved and lucky Chooch is to have you and Henry for parents.

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