Sep 032013

I’ve decided to declare this week as Cure Week on my blog, mostly because I can. I realize that today is Tuesday and most “[x] Weeks” would probably start on a Monday, but you know how it is over here: completely unorganized and scattered.

You might know that the Cure is my all-time favoritest band in all of the world. Yes, Robert Smith has way more of my heart than Jonny Craig. And if you didn’t know that, just come to my house, where framed portraits of Robert abound. (And dozens of others are rolled up in my bedroom, waiting to be framed.)

I was in the cemetery on Saturday (obviously), listening to the Cure (how cliché), when I started thinking about how much they’ve impacted my life, how I literally can’t listen to a single song of theirs without being transported back to certain times, and how thankfully I don’t associate them with any of the shitty people from my 20s.

Maybe you don’t know anything about the Cure, or maybe you only know the big radio singles (“Friday, I’m In Love” / “Lovesong” (NOT THE 311 VERSION, UGH UGH UGH) / “Close To Me” / “Just Like Heaven” / “Boys Don’t Cry”), and if even one person out there realizes that they like the Cure, I will consider this a success. BECAUSE THE CURE IS AMAZING and it makes me sad the amount of times I’m met with a blank look when I tell someone that the Cure is my favorite band. I guess I just assume that a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-nominated band is well-known.

For Day One of Cure Week, and in honor of Chooch’s newfound fear of butterflies, let’s start with the classic “The Caterpillar” from the Top album, which I always consider to be one of their sleeper hits. It’s full of all kinds of weird shit, which is my favorite music genre. (The piano in the beginning of “The Caterpillar” sounds uncannily akin to the frenetic noise my brain makes when I’m writing in this blog, by the way.) I used to make my friend Brian watch this video over and over every time he came to my house, which probably factored into him eventually moving to Nebraska.

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  9 Responses to “Dust My Lemon Lies: Cure Week!”

  1. I’m so happy you’re gonna write some stuff about The Cure. Although we both know that words cannot describe the way Robert gets inside, rips you to shreds, makes you cry, and makes the whole damn process feel so fucking good.

    That video brings back the happies. I still have it on VHS.

  2. i LOVE the Cure! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    My favorite is Lullaby… there’s just something about spiderman having me for dinner tonight that is a total turn on.

    Fascination Street is probably one of my favorite places to hang out…

    And Pictures of You…

    Greatness through and through

    • Fascination Street will likely be one of the ones I post about during Cure Week! God, that song is so good!

      I didn’t know you love the Cure too—this makes me like you even more!

  3. I of course adore the Cure and am happy to hear you’re doing an entire week with them. We saw them a few years ago, it’s funny to see “rockstars” age. What weirded me out the most was all of the 16 year-old girls dressed up as Robert because it instantly made me feel defensive like “who the hell do these girls think they are they’re too damn young.” But then I thought at least they’re listening to some good shit.

  4. I LOVE The Cure. Just Like Heaven is probably my favorite because it brings back many memories (all good). Listening to The Cure is almost painful for me in some ways because it evokes so many memories.

  5. Wait. 311 covered a Cure song??? I have sudden diarrhea!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s true! It was for some shitty Drew Barrymore movie.

      Ironically, 311 is one of shitty Christina’s favorite bands so she looooooved their cover. But then again, she never understood the true brilliance of the Cure.

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