Sep 042013

I feel like the popular answer for the whole “you can only take one Cure album with you to the deserted island” question would probably be Disintegration. And that is a really fucking great album, don’t get me wrong. But my choice would be “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” for the sheer variety. There’s moody, there’s upbeat and happy, there’s downright schizophrenic aching. It’s like an instrumental journey around the world. And that’s what I love.

But I have two favorites and they both remind me of stabbing the shit out someone mid-coitus on balmy summer nights.

First up is “The Kiss.” This song makes me want to simultaneously rage out and make a baby. (Pretty much how Chooch was conceived?) The instrumental intro is intense, passionate, HOT. And when Robert’s anguished wail bursts through the speakers, climaxing with his urgent desire to “get your fucking voice out of [his] head,” it’s like THE ORIGINAL SCREAMO.

Second is “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep” (with “Like Cockatoos” coming in a super close third). This is the song I want to hear as I’m dying.

When I saw the Cure at the Royal Theater in Canberra 13 years ago this October, they played all three of those songs in a row and it brought me to my knees; I remember briefly feeling alone in that moment, mostly because, well, I had gone to Australia for this concert alone. And I wished I had someone there with me to share this moment, but then I realized that I wasn’t alone: I was surrounded by a thousand people who felt the same way as I did, and who fully appreciated this moment more than most anybody. How could I think I was alone? I promise you that this was one of the Top 5 best moments I’ve had to date. October 19th, 2000, baby. Goddamn.

Never has music relaxed me so much, yet wound me up at the same time. It’s like being in a foreign place yet somehow feeling comfortable. The Cure is so good at that.

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  1. My first Cure album was kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. My first non pop album everI think. Maybe 87? Bought a bootleg at the flea market. I was so excited. Hot! Hot! Hot! Is my fav on that album :)
    My all time fav would have to be three imaginary boys. It makes me feel like I’m in a lazy downward spiral. Love it so much.

  2. Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes about “The Kiss.” God, that song.

    You are the first person I have ever known who feels the same way I do about “Like Cockatoos.” That’s my favorite from that album!! That creepwalky riff with the funny shaky percussive noises. And for such a simple poem, it’s a heartshredder.

    When he sings “And in her head…” I die, every single time.

    And yeah, everybody would pick Disintegration for their desert island album, wouldn’t they? That’s the one that inspired everybody to dress like Robert for Halloween. As if that’s all he is, a fucking costume. Assholes.

    One day, me and you are going to sit down and have a two-day discussion in which we dissect and die over all the Cure albums in order of release.

    I think my desert album would be Wish.

    You’re making me want to write about The Cure now too.

    • I would love to have that discussion with you!!

      You know, writing about them has been pretty hard. I’ve actually been struggling all week to come up with more than just “I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH, OK?!?!” How do you put it into words?! There have been times when I’ve tried to talk to Chooch about them and I literally get choked up and can’t talk—this just happened last weekend, actually, when I was trying to explain to him why I love “Same Deep Water As You”!

  3. You know, but Disintegration has “Prayers for Rain” on it. I couldn’t be on a desert island without that song. Fuck.

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