Jan 012014

As usual, this past year had its ups and downs, but my overall opinion of 2013 is: I’m not mad at ya, 2013. Besides, it was relatively drama-free, because after 30+ years I’m FINALLY learning to walk away from situations and people that just aren’t worth it. That’s not always easy for a stubborn motherfucker like me! The worst parts of 2013 were definitely health-related: There was a really scary health-bomb dropped on someone very close to me this past October, but here’s hoping that will become nothing more than a bad memory in 2014. And then we discovered a tumor on my precious cat Marcy, which the vet thinks is breast cancer. I’m grateful that she has made it through another year, though. One day at a time, right Schneider?

But let’s focus on the good! Because there were definitely some good times. And let’s face it: any year that we manage to get thru alive can’t be ALL bad.

We’ll start with Henry’s Top 5 Favorite Moments of 2013, which also happen to be mine, that motherfucker. “What do you expect when we literally do everything together?!” he retorted when I got all angry that he stole my picks. I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO START DOING MORE THINGS WITHOUT HIM THEN.


  • Lancaster One of my favorites , how could it not be. Chooch’s first roadtrip concert, and unlike me when I go with Erin, he actually liked this band.
  • Knoebles: First time at Knoebles for opening day with that group that I’m apparently not a part of this year (that’s a story for another time, Eh Erin).
  • New England Road Trip This was one of my favorite vacations ever. Got to hang out with good people (Alyson, Matt and Kristin and met 1 new person Jessa.) and see places that we were at before but I was sick and its a little foggy, except for the part of being tortured while sick.
  • Warped Tour because of Chooch (<–Thanks for clarifying, Henry.) It’s getting closer to me just driving through the parents drop off circle and kicking the two kids out.
  • Never Shout Never : Surprise Almost didn’t turn out like we planned, all worked out in the end.
  • Never Shout Never: Cleveland Besides the snow and not getting any sleep, turned out to be an awesome night.


  • Laura’s Kennywood Picture: Seriously, this whole thing provided so many psychotic giggle fits from me, it’s unreal. I will cherish this picture forever, THANK YOU LAURA!!
  • Coffee table DIY: Actually, all of the furniture repurposing that we (haha “we”) have completed over the last half of the year has made me totally not hate my house as much as I have lately. It almost feels like a “home” again, which makes the house “Will we ever be able to buy a house?!” conundrum a LITTLE easier to handle. Plus, you guys know how much I love the fucking Beverage Buffet—it has totally rejuvenated my desire to have parties all the goddamn time like I used to before Henry ruined my life!
  • Palace of Gold: This September afternoon with Corey and Janna was so fun that I literally peed my pants when I was trying to tell Henry about it later that day. JANNA LOOK OUT!!!!
  • Interviewing the Walrus: Henry frowned at me when I told him that this made my top 5, but it’s so much more than just “Hey, that was a fun day!” for me. It was kind of like finding myself again, I guess. I might post on this blog daily, but it’s not really writing to me. I fell out of love with writing years ago—I don’t even write short stories anymore. Spending a few hours with a stranger, feeling totally uncomfortable and out of my element and taking my own experiences out of it enabled me to accidentally LEARN THINGS OMG. Writing about someone else was also wildly freeing & made me remember why I went to school for English Writing. (Even though my signature writing style these days is Typo Galore, otherwise known as Redneck Message Board.) I loved it.
  • ICE CREAM!: It’s the small things, you guys. Having a weekend ice cream ritual last summer helped make the work week a little less stagnant, and it was super fun finding new ice cream joints to hit up. Plus, having enough photos of Henry licking his ice cream cones to create a collage is priceless.


  • Twerking. (Seriously, he answered with no hesitation.)


All things considered, that was a pretty good year. I’m always so afraid to jinx things by posting shit like this, so please please please let 2014 be full of good stuff, but mostly: stability & good health. That’s all I want!

  6 Responses to “Best of 2013”

  1. I’d have to dig really deep to pull 5 moments… Let’s just say I’m happy it’s over. I’m glad it was a better year for you! And I agree with the Walrus interview. I loved reading that.

  2. I have a pic of it on my phone and I chuckle and think of you every time I see it!

  3. I have hesitated doing a post like this but I might…maybe. I still don’t know. But I will say that Redneck Message Board style of writing is right up my alley although you so very much do not write like that at all. Chooch’s responses made me laugh out loud for realz.

    • I know what you mean, I think. I always feel like a schmuck doing these lists because it just screams “look how great everything is!” but really I just want a chance to remember the good things ;)

      Chooch is obsessed with meeting you now, btw, thanks to Tapped Out, lol. He refers to you solely as zenmasterfl8.

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