Mar 182014

Marcy March 2014

I know, a thousand trillion pictures of Marcy, nothing new. But she’s my babe and I wanted to share.


I’m listening to Black Lab on Spotify and suddenly it’s 1998, Marcy is a kitten and I’m sun-tanning on my porch with Crisco because I can’t find my tanning oil. But the important question here is: why did I even have Crisco in my apartment to begin with? I only used the stove once and it was to make Spaghetti-O’s with Janna and then we left my apartment for an hour while it was cooking because it’s easy to forget you’re cooking food in a pot in a townhouse with literally one giant open room.

Oh, to be 18 again, not caring about skin cancer or turning townhomes into tinder.

  2 Responses to “A Musical Marcy Post”

  1. I absolutely adore that picture of her. It’s so regal! She looks like royalty.

  2. The picture is lovely, but the simple beauty of this post and the memory attached is what’s making me happy.

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