Apr 212015

Ugh, Chooch is going to be nine on Saturday. How does time go by so fast? I hate it! We’re not doing a big party this year. He wanted to have a small party at the laser tag place for his friends, and then we’re having some people over on Saturday for cake. Nice and simple, which will be a nice reprieve for my bulging nerves.

I don’t know what dumb Henry is getting him, but I bought him a ticket to the Sleeping With Sirens acoustic show in June, because The Summer Set is opening and they’re one of his favorite bands. I’m pretty meh about both bands, but I took one for the team and made sure I was on the SWS website at the exact moment tickets went on sale. It did eventually sell out too, and it’s at one of the smaller venues in Pittsburgh, so I really anticipate a night in a small room with hundreds of screaming teenage girls!

But, it’s worth it. Especially when he found out I bought tickets and then proceeded to scream like one of the aforementioned teenage girls.


(From last summer’s Warped Tour.)

I ordered his birthday cake last night (oh boy, it’s a good one) and wanted to order one for my C-section incision too (9 years of phantom pains!) but I took Henry’s frown as a no.

  6 Responses to “Countdown to 9”

  1. 9!! I can’t believe it.

    Seems like only yesterday you were waddling around complaining about how you couldn’t find pants that fit.

    We will be out of town this weekend, so I want to say this early so I don’t forget. “Happy Birthday Chooch. You’re the coolest kid I know! (Harland says he thinks so too!) I hope its the best birthday ever!”

    I love that kid!

    • Aw! He totally adores you guys too (definitely Harland, but I think he’s still trying to figure Theo out, ha!).

      Your buddy Liam is supposedly coming to the laser tag party, lol!

  2. 9??! Good lord.

  3. I love that concert tickets is even a consideration for him at this age, instead of whatever popular toy is being marketed to kids right now. A million thumbs up for this awesome present, and for age nine, which is so much damn fun. I can still bodyslam nine year olds.

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