Dec 282015


Mouth lined with crumbs? Check.

IMG_9956 IMG_9962

Later that night, my dad asked if Chooch’s neck tattoo was real. Yes, I had a guy I met in prison come over and do it at the house, dad.


Chooch is down to one good pair of jeans because he trashes them so quickly. This is not that pair.

That pair was home in a laundry basket, caked with mud.

Yes, we fought about this on Christmas. You know how tightly-wound I get when it comes to my dumb pictures!


We had a fight about his hair, too.


We all felt this way.


Throwback to 2011.

IMG_9978 IMG_9988

Practicing his freestyle.

IMG_9989 IMG_9991

Who knows how many more years Chooch is going to exasperatedly give me. Gotta milk the “Because I’m your mom and it’s all I want for Xmas!” canned response as much as I can

  2 Responses to “Xmas Snaps, de Rigueur”

  1. As always, these are fucking beautiful. Gray skies and gray stones and bare trees, and then Riley in colors, silhouetted against all that gray. The one with Pittsburgh in the background is my favorite, I think. All the different expressions you captured; you are so, so fucking good at nailing perfect shots. Love these.

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