May 102016

Drew walked back growling. Glowing red eyes beaming on the windows. Her teeth, cherry red and her claws dangling from her finger tips. Bradley, getting closer and closer, had glowing yellow eyes, almost as bright as the green lava lamp on the control table.

“RUN!” Garnet shouted throwing the green lava lamp at Bradley. It exploded, shooting out green goop from all sides (mostly on Bradley). But something interesting happened, the goo must have burned off all of his skin, because he was now a red animatronic with same eyes as before, glowing yellow eyes. He seemed to move a lot swifter now. He had a mean snarl on his face telling them something good is not going to happen. Drew, trapped between a wall and Bradley, hopped over him and door nearly closing, vaulted through with a little fur ripping off. They legged it. They ran wherever the path took them.

Breaking the silence, Penelope said, “You know, Amethyst, this is my fault,”

“It isn’t your fault, Penelope,” Amethyst shook her head.


“No ‘buts’. It’s my fault,”

“I wasn’t watching you, I didn’t have a fence up, and I never really took care of you,” she said disappointedly. “I see why you wanted to run away. This is the only time I wanted to something nice for you. But you ran away, scaring the living life out of me,” she finished.

Amethyst looked up, and saw everybody crying so hard it could make a river. LITERALLY! The next thing they knew they were flowing fast down a speeding river. Looking for a log to hold on to (like in the movies) Amethyst saw a drop, of what looked like a waterfall.

She cried, “Guys! Think of something quick!”

“Why?” Garnet asked worried.

“We weren’t paying attention,”  Pearl said with large, wide eyes.

“There’s. A. Waterfall,” Amethyst said nervously.

Quickly looking for something, Garnet found a key out of the problem. It was a large log, probably as long as a tree. Who would’ve thought?

“Guys quick there’s a log on land over there! But we need someone who could shape shift into a fish,” Garnet informed.

Then, Penelope said, looking at Drew, “Well, in fact there is someone!”

To Be Continued…

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  1. I love the use of color within: the green lava lamp, the red teeth, glowing yellow eyes. These things help the reader truly visualize the creatures. Excellent job!

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