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Can I take a moment to toot my parenting horn for a hot second? I mean hey, it’s gotta be better than the endless wave of Riot Fest posts (THAT ARENT OVER YET, FYI). 

I mentioned before that 4th grade was a TERRIBLE year for Chooch, and also me and Henry. The school was calling us so much that I eventually just stopped answering, waited to hear the voicemail, and then made henry deal with it. Behavioral issues all year long! Trouble with other kids. Trouble with teachers. It all culminated with Henry having a legit round table discussion with not one, not two, but FIVE teachers plus the vice principal. 

Turns out, he was bored AF, not being challenged, and genuinely disliked one of his teachers. 

This year has seemed so much better though. He has a group of friends he seems pretty close with, his teachers this year seem to be fair and it old-fashioned like the ancient teacher he had last year, and then this:

He was SO EXCITED to be picked for this and I’m like “ok…dork” but in reality I think it’s because it gives him a sense of leadership, plus attention. 

Which he craves. 

You’re surprised. I can tell. 

He was over it after the first day:

But I thought it was awesome that the principal chose him, especially knowing what last year was like for him. 

(He is a fucking awesome principal and Henry and I both like him a lot which says something because Henry and I rarely like the same things.)

And today, something even more awesome happened: the school called (Henry,  not me lol) to let us know that Chooch has officially been accepted into the gifted program! He was tested last year, in April or May, but we never heard back and figured he didn’t make it. But he did! So now hopefully he will stay challenged and stimulated and far away from TROUBLE. 

OK. Parenting horn is going back into the trunk under the bed, next to the container of limbs and scalps. 

  5 Responses to “5th Grade: So Far So Good”

  1. Well have to chat about the whole gifted testing process. We start it in October. Eep!

    Go Chooch. He’s the best, and I’m glad his principal can see that.

    • All I can tell you is that his teachers nominated him and I had to sign off on it. Then he was just randomly pulled out of class and wasn’t told what he was being tested for, presumably because they don’t want to make the kids nervous or have them think too much about it.

  2. Anything that helps a kid like school is all right with me. Go, Chooch!
    Also: Henry livejournals?

  3. FUCK YES!!! You’re an awesome parent, and Chooch is 50 shades of badass. I hope this sticks in the craw of the catholic school moms who probably still troll your blog :-)

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