Dec 182011

Took Henry’s son Robbie and his girlfriend Karen out to eat at the Sharp Edge tonight. Chooch was borderline brat-like, but it was nothing a mini sundae bar couldn’t pacify.







Bonus: two pictures of Henry the Surly Douche. One is from breakfast this morning. He was in good spirits because he got to share morning meats with his bromance, Tommy.



  4 Responses to “Chooch’s Sundae Bar”

  1. I want someone to give me a mini sundae bar, dammit. Alas, this fucking phlegm apparently doesn’t mix well with dairy. Sickness can go to hell!

  2. Does Henry do any “acting”? (I’m not sure you could call it acting for real.) Because I swear I saw a commercial the other night with him in it. I am completely serious. But now I can’t remember what the commercial was for.

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