May 122012


People on Facebook keep posting a link to an article about “Could Your Child Be a Psychopath?” or something similar, but I refuse to click on it because I’m afraid it’s about my own kid.

Chooch was having a really emotional, angry night. He oscillated between being hyperactively fidgety to over-sensitive and touchy to blood-curdlingly fearsome. At one point, he wailed, “You used to be my best mom, but now you’re just the WORST!” before running away from Henry’s soothing pleas to calm down.

I heard him come out of his bedroom long enough to bellow, “STOP TALKING TO ME! I’M STRESSED OUT!” and then he slammed his door.

Boy. That was really great.

He’s not a psychopath. I know. However, he is highly theatrical with a loose grip on his emotions. And then he calmed down and went to bed.

But I still won’t click on that link.

  4 Responses to “Mother’s Day Eve”

  1. You only need to worry if he starts torturing and killing your family pets. Plus I guarantee he will grow up to be far better than the kids of these people who leave you shitty remarks.

  2. Oh man, I was that kid. And I turned out fairly okay. Most days.

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