Sep 272013


Only in Pittsburgh could you go to the local news website and see: BREAKING NEWS: Giant rubber duck coming up the river. Seriously, you guys—how am I supposed to work knowing that this is going on outside?! Pretty much the whole department has been watching the live feed of the duck’s voyage down whichever river it has been voyaging down. (We have THREE RIVERS in Pittsburgh; you can’t expect me to remember them all. THREE RIVERS! That takes up a lot of brain space.)

So this duck is like an art thing. Art installation? Please consult the nearest hipster. They will probably have more detailed 411.

(Jesus Christ. Here, I Wiki’d it for you: Rubber Ducky informative words.)

And Pittsburgh is the first US city that gets to host it! I don’t know when Pittsburgh suddenly started to get “cool”, but it’s happening you guys, so start studying up on your Pittsburghese. Don’t be a jagoff. (Ugh, even using Yinzer words ironically makes me feel totally stupid.)


I want to be out there right now! Even though I hate bridges! And rivers! And crowds! But I like giant things!

(Oh, hahaha–I just realized that the description on the picture above names the rivers. I don’t know which is which, though. I never listen to that part of the Gateway Clipper tours. Or really any of the parts.)


My work friend Chris and I walked over to that one bridge (there are like, 870 bridges in Pittsburgh, so pick one) where set-up for tonight’s Rubber Duck Bridge Party was underway. I think we’re going to try and stop over after stupid late shift. There’s the promise of food trucks and I will probably want to buy some super lame duck momento which will add to the eccentric cluttershack that is also known as “my house”.


Oh, Pittsburgh.

The duck is going to be docked here for a few weeks so I’m sure if you check back at a later date, you can expect to WOWd and amazed at a collection of ducky iPhone pictures.

This has been a really long week. A really long and not so good week. But Henry bought me TOMS with skulls on them today and now there’s a monster rubber duck chilling in the river by my office, so I’m pretty OK with life right now.

Hope you have a ridiculous weekend!

  2 Responses to “GIANT RUBBER DUCK OMG”

  1. Sort of jealous of the gigantic rubber duck! And TOMS with skulls. Pics or it didn’t happen. :)

  2. it’s the Clemente bridge it was on…and yea.. the Monongahela and the Allegheny form the Ohio river…

    Yinz better know your Dahntahn locations N’ at… :)

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