Feb 242016

My friend Alisha recently brought up the time she and I sang some Spice Girls song during Blogathon one year, because someone (my friend Alyson, I believe) donated extra to have this happen. 

Blogathon was this incredibly annoying but super fun and rewarding event where people stayed up blogging for 24 hours, in an effort to raise money for the charity of their choice. Participants had to post twice an hour and even though I always said “NEVER AGAIN!” after hitting publish for the 48th time in 24 hours, I’d always sign up again the next year. 

But then whoever was charge of the organization gave it up and no one took over, so no more Blogathon. 

Anyway, Alisha posting that Spice Girls video made me super nostalgic and this picture immediately came to mind: 

  This was from one of the Blogathons (2009 maybe?) where people donated a certain amount in order to command Henry to do things, such as pose with a fried egg on his head, and suck on a lollipop while wearing his hair in pigtails. This one was just him being served beer by Alisha in a tutu which was excruciating for her because ALISHA BOWS TO NO MAN.  

My favorite part of Blogathon is that my friends were always on call to cheer me on: Alisha, Kara, Evonne, Blake, Corey—we had some good fucking times churning out words and poor, REALLY POOR, karaoke. 

Now I’m depressed. 

Alisha, next time you’re back in Pittsburgh, we’re pulling an all-nighter for absolutely no reason. 

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