Nov 022016

I’ve been fangirling over Baseball Card Vandals consistently for the last two years. I’m always dropping hints to Henry, giving him easy opportunities to be a good boyfran by buying me my very own BCV original. Sure I could buy one for myself, but I LIKE TO PLAY GAMES OK. 

Anyway, I sent Henry a screenshot of a Phil Collins BCV, added a bunch of prayer hand emojis, etc etc. but his response was a screenshot from their website that said “sold out.” SO SAD. I was just starting to bang out my FUCK YOU HENRY text missle when he followed up with another text — HIS BCV RECEIPT. 


I know, it seems so fucking stupid but Baseball Card Vandals brings me so much joy with their irreverent humor and middle school-level dick jokes and now I have my very own!

Thanks, Henry! (I still want to go to Cleveland next week to see Balance & Composure though. The purchase of this card did not get you out of that.)

Anyway, this post was brought to you by the legendary Face Value album,  a Halloween candy sugar high, and a general malaise for blogging. 

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