Jan 042011

Remember when color bars were all the rage? Me neither. But apparently they once were, at least on LiveJournal. I found one that I made when Henry was sick.

Sick Henry is Yuck

I started doing that work-at-home data entry bullshit that I was doing briefly last winter, after receiving an email out of the blue asking if I’m available for more work. I said yes because we’re going to the beach next summer so I thought maybe I could make some extra cash to help fund that, or at the very least pay for the quotation marks I’m getting tattooed on my fingers this month. Five minutes after I logged in, I remembered just how boring 10-key is and started looking at things on the Internet. Like color bars.

And now you’re caught up with my life.

  13 Responses to “Sick Henry Is Yuck: a Color Bar”

  1. Yeah…I don’t remember color bars being the rage, but I’ll just go with you on that one :-)

  2. I don’t think I ever even heard of color bars before. Am I really that out of touch?

  3. AHAHAHA I remember color bars and I also remember the LJ post you made this for!

  4. Color bars clearly rock.
    Thanks for the memories!

  5. YES! I had a Tony Almeida color bar! But I like this one of Henry being sick much better.

  6. I remember the color bar rage, I was a big fan myself, I’m not even gonna lie.

    I hope Henry is on the mend, a sick man may as well be another child to take care of, never fun.

    Also, I hope I didn’t upset you on fb with my warning against finger tattoos. I obviously have one, but it’s not been easy to maintain and I wanted to give you a heads up.

    • Henry is good – this was from 2007. Found it when I was poking around old files and it made me laugh because he was so irritated when I was taking those photos, lol!

      No worries on the FB thing. This certainly wasn’t an impulse move; it was something that I had thought about long and hard and sought the advice from some friends who have several finger tattoos, so I was pretty unswayable by the time I posted that on FB.

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