May 192013


I did this instead of paying attention to Henry last night.

I want to promise that I’m not going to be super annoying with this new app, but……

In other weekend news, I met up with my friend Kristy for lunch yesterday at the Smiling Moose. We sat at the bar with what turned out to be the oldest/lamest bachelor party ever and Kristy helped me choose beers that I wouldn’t entirely hate. And by beers I mean beer. I got some kind of watermelon ale that didn’t taste like watermelon at ALL but was actually not so bad and I drank it all before it got warm. Well, almost.

Kristy is a legit beer drinker. I feel confident that I’ll never graduate past “Sissy Beer Sipper,” but it’s nice to know that if I’m ever feeling like maybe I want to go out and try some kind of fancy wheat beer, Kristy will make sure I don’t wind up with some frosty glass of 12% swill.

I also had a cider and a mixed drink, and then went to Kohl’s where I “lost my balance” and almost put my head through the fitting room mirror. Thanks for being such a great influence, Kristy!

(The most important part of this post is that OMG I was sitting in the same spot that Jonny Craig sat at when he was at the Smiling Moose in March #%[^[**]]!!!!!!)

Today, we went to the flea market, which Chooch is apparently going to post about at some point this week. (I got a new phone, so he’s been using my old one and took a picture of nearly every cat stuffed animal and cat t-shirt he saw at the flea market today.)


Miserable in his Dance Gavin Dance shirt.


Terrorizing the water reservoir at Highland Park, which I am DISGUSTED by but that’s a post for another day, maybe. Ugh, water things.

Struck gold at the Asian market yesterday so expect a fruit review sometime. And I still have to write about DelGrosso’s from last weekend, Chooch’s pottery piece being in an exhibition thing on Friday, and the fucking vegetarian dinner I went to over a month ago which I started as a draft but just don’t give enough shits about it to finish it.

I know it probably doesn’t seem like it on your end because I’m all POST POST POST, but I’ve been having some terrible blog apathy lately.

I think that’s also known as suffering from hockey tunnel vision. Can’t a bitch just watch the Stanley Cup playoffs in peace, though?

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  1. I’m having official iPhone envy because that app seems so badass and they need to hurry up and get it out for Android.

    I really love Chooch’s helmet! And you’re still way better at posting than I’ve become. My life is sorta boring though, maybe not boring but more of the same crap every weekend, so I guess I don’t have much to post about anyway.

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