Dec 162013

You know how when things are going OK and you’re actually kind of loving life and then you’re asked for the millionth time why you’re not married and have you started looking for a house and hey, don’t you need a new car? And hey, what are you doing with your life? And then suddenly you feel like fucking killing yourself, so thanks for the reminders? It’s been like that the last few days. Because it’s always the negative that people want to focus on. Hearing that someone is “doing well” just makes some people poke and prod and scoop out your emotional guys with a melon baller until you’re left second-guessing everything you thought was “happiness.”

Apparently, it’s not what I’m doing that matters, it’s what I’m NOT doing. Too bad I know better at 34 than to buy into that bullshit negativity. You know what I think? I think people are AFRAID of those of us who do what the fuck we want rather than connect the dots of life. Oh noes, I had a kid before marriage? I didn’t graduate college? I’M NOT LIVING MY LIFE IN THE GOD-GIVEN ORDER?! Get the fuck over it.

Besides, I got some good advice last night from my friends Rick & Tammy and I know that at the end of the day, I’m the only one who can change things—if that’s what I want. So instead of waiting for the next disaster, maybe I should start thinking about finding a way to become two steps ahead. Um, anyone know how to do that? Haha. J/K. I know most of us are in the Same Boat sailing down Shit Stream.

Jesus Christ, did I fuck up. Or…did I? There may not be a ring on my finger but I still feel pretty fucking happy so…


*(Coincidentally, we were just talking last night about how Henry can make screen doors. Maybe that’s my destiny? Opening a screen door store with him? Because it sure as fuck isn’t festering working in an office.)

  11 Responses to “Passing Through a Screen Door*”

  1. “You know what I think? I think people are AFRAID of those of us who do what the fuck we want rather than connect the dots of life. ”

    Oh, they are. Completely terrified.

    When you make the right choices for yourself, you are confident and happy. Which makes people question THEIR choices. And THAT makes people uncomfortable, afraid, and very insecure, bullshit which they then project onto you. That’s all it is.

    We sit on the same toilet throne, my friend.

    • When you hear the same questions over and over it makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong with your life. I need to kick my ass out of that way of thinking and stop worrying about “how it must look” or “what others must think” because they don’t have to live my life.

      I knew you would understand. <3

  2. Boy did this hit home. For me, it’s: WHEN ARE YOU HAVING KIDS? Rinse, repeat. It gets old having to answer the same dang question every day.

    • Ugh, that sucks! I know that most of the time, our friends and famliy mean well. But it just gets to be like Chinese water torture—with words.

    • i’m 34 and been married for 8 years. no kids. i get that question a LOT. since when are my reproductive habits your business? it’s a huge decision that’s MINE. not yours.

      • Boundaries!! It blows my mind how many people don’t have them. I actually have a lot of married friends who don’t have kids and it’s just not something I’ve ever felt entitled to quiz them about, you know? It’s so personal!

  3. I needed this right now so. fucking. bad. So, thanks. And you’re right. Fuck other people and what they think should make you happy. Open that goddamn screen door store if that’s what you want. What you want is all that matters in your life.

    • The problem is that I reach my limit and explode, write something like this and vow to practice what I preach, but then I so easily find myself letting people’s criticisms and judgments get me down again and it is so annoying!!

  4. a joke I heard: Young single fellow at a family wedding. Got tired of all the old aunts elbowing him in the ribs and saying, “You’re next. You’re next!” So at the next family funeral, he went around elbowing all the old aunts, saying, “You’re next!!!”

  5. People are afraid of us who do what we want. You nailed that on the head.

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