Aug 072014

Listening to these two songs over and over is not going to snap me out of my melancholic funk. BUT I CAN’T STOP.

Let’s keep telling ourselves that.

The new Emarosa album is coming out on September 9. I already pre-ordered it (the bundle I got comes with a fox ring!!), I get to see them play at Riot Fest a week later, and then two weeks after that, Icarus the Owl is playing here at Smiling Moose. September is going to murder my heart.

  2 Responses to “Thursday Newsflash”

  1. How is it that you post things that hit me in the heart, like, constantly?

    Also, that damned clown head thing is in your ‘popular posts’ sidebar and it’s MOCKING ME. I can hear its awful, evil clown giggle.

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