May 062015

I haven’t had as much time to paint lately (or blog or take pictures or make greeting cards or breathe for that matter), and I still have some more custom paintings to finish, but I’m hoping to start filling up the shop again real soon! If they’d only let me paint at work, I could get so much more done. But here are three things that I have recently completed!


Do you like SNACKS?

Do you like SPACE?

Then maybe you might also like my painting Snax in Space. It features various snacks in space. It’s snacky and spacey all in one place.

And it can be all yours for $35, 20% of which will go to Animal Friends of Pittsburgh if purchased before the end of May! Click here to purchase thru Etsy! It’s for a good cause!

In related news, I just finished up a custom pet angel painting. Super sad story behind it, and I was honored to paint these furry babes.  

I also made a small typography-type painting for a co-worker to give to a friend; it had some of her favorite sayings on it and it was definitely out of my wheel house, big I had a lot of fun making it. I stupidly didn’t take a picture (it was a rush order), but you can see part of it in the background of this picture:


  2 Responses to “Snax, Petz, Wurdz”

  1. The snacks in space piece is really speaking to me. I might have to have it.

  2. Nice one and for a good cause – good job! I wish my work would let me paint and work on my shop too -that would be the best job ever.

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