May 212015

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I took these pictures of Blake and my friend Sarah! Dusting them off in the name of Throwback Thursday. (See also: When you feel like blogging but…words. Ugh.)

The first three photos make me want to start using my Holga and Diana again.


The Goldbricker.

convo monkeyseat




Blake and Sarah, I think we need to update these! Kind of like some idiot Buzzfeed “Where R They Now?!” type bullshit.


_MG_3359 008blog




Sultry Stances.



WELL THAT WAS FUN. Now I’m going to attempt to go to bed even though I drank 87 gallons of coffee today and just watched a particularly upsetting episode of The Following (I’M A WEEK BEHIND OK) and when I was crying, Henry snapped, “WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHO DIES, IT WAS CANCELED ANYWAY.”


  4 Responses to “Sunday Funday Revisited”

  1. I love these. It’s like an odd human-animal hybrid romance story, in pictures.

  2. The Following was cancelled??? How the fuck did I miss that memo???

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