Aug 112015

Hi, So yesterday 8/10/15 some 15 year old girl stole my bike. Thank god Hot Naybor Chris spotted her and called the cops or if he didn’t I woulda never got it back. I wished the chain came off because it always does and you cant ride when it happens. 

She got all the way to Potomac but then she got busted by the cops. Her mom was there to teach here a lesson. Chris got to go in the Police Car to Indentify the girl. It was like 1:30 at night and Grandma just closed the door because Chris just got home from Erie. Grandma got scared because she thought it was an intruder so she slammed the door. And right after that the girl stole da bike. (Mommy made me write this but I did it secretly while she was upstairs) So yeah ROFL. I was watching youtube and all of a sudden I hear knocking at the door and grandma said “Who is it?” and they said “THE POLICE.” I was excited and sad at the same time. Excited because I would get to tell my teacher that my bike got stolen when she asks how my summer was.  I went to get Pa and he said what happened and did nothing and then went back to bed. 

The girl told the cops and probably Chris too that when she was 8 she got her bike stolen and apparently that made it ok. 

It was scary. When the cop went somewhere Me, Chris, and grandma were sitting on the porch while Chris drank beer. It was so boring cause I didn’t get to see the girl even though IT WAS MY BIKE!!! Ma was sleeping so I didn’t tell her till today. (Hopes she like it because I was listening to train while writing this and she hates Train, like nobody knows that.)

  5 Responses to “Stolen Bike”

  1. Nice of “Pa” to wake me up. Also, wtf were you & grandma doing up at 1:30am. I thought everyone was sleeping when this happened.

  2. I’m glad she didn’t get far with your bike, and it’s a good thing Hot Naybor Chris was there to save the day!

  3. Someone stole her bike when she was younger, so now she had to steal someone else bike? Makes perfect sense. It’s like The Ring, but lame.

  4. MANY PRAISES to Hot Naybor Chris for seeing a crime taking place and reporting it to the authorities. I am glad the cops busted her and hope she had appropriate consequences.

    “When the cop went somewhere Me, Chris, and grandma were sitting on the porch while Chris drank beer.”

    This is exceedingly funny.

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