Jan 242008

choochcar.jpg The eye-watering viewings of "Cars" have quietly dwindled down, being replaced by less frequent demands of "Blue’s Clues." I’m happy for this. He still plays with his cars though, which I support because it’s cute to watch him ram and crash them into Marcy’s fluff. However, the past few days he’s insisted on toting around a can of "Cars"-edition Campbell’s soup. Today he even held it out to us very urgently when we were about to leave the house, so Henry had to unzip Chooch’s backpack and let him plop it in. I mean, whatever makes him happy, but I’d prefer he’d stop playing with canned goods because those hurt much worse than plastic cars when chucked at your head. Also, he had a check-up yesterday and is now nearly three feet, placing him in the 95% percentile. Underneath his weight, the nurse wrote "uncooperative," which makes me laugh. He fucking hates that scale. Life can never be dull with Chooch in it.

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  1. chooch is almost as tall as me.
    i’m officially intimidated.

    and so what if he’s a little self conscious about his weight??!?! aren’t we all?

  2. I’m going to try the “uncooperative” act the next time they try to weigh me too!

  3. LOL @ the soup can! That’s totally the kind of shit Peanut does all the time! Only with anything trains or Thomas instead of Cars.

  4. Ugh, I wish I could comment on all your entries through LJ. I’m SO LAZY!

    Anyway… I think its amazing how Chooch related the two, you know? So major points to Chooch’s brightness. What IS IT about that movie that people love so much? I’ll forgive him, because he’s a baby and stuff, but I cannot forgive my best friend from constantly quoting it.

  5. I quoted Chooch (sort of) in my LJ today! Just in the last half hour, hee!

    Cracks me up that he wants to have the soup can – I love that it’s in the picture, that made me snort.

    I think I’m going to be “uncooperative” when they try to weigh me at the doctor’s next time. Way to go, Chooch!

  6. Dude, your kid is huge like my exboyfriend’s kid. You people and your freaky, giant babies!

    Delia’s head is in the 75% percentile. ;)

  7. My ex is 6’2″ but his wife is only like 5’3″. His kid was over 11lbs when he was born. At 3 months Jude was 26″ and 14lbs. Delia was 26″ and 14lbs at 6 months. But she really does have a giant noggin!

  8. i just wanted to comment on the rap you wrote about polyester queen on lj. i’ve been on his flist for awhile now and i can’t stand him but his stupidity is astounding enough to make me keep reading. omfg, the rap was spot on. the funniest part is that his friends are making fun of it like you intended it to be real. i am sure you are crying.

    did u ever see his post where he reenacted the shit-eating scene from pink flamingoes? it might be f-only but I can screencap it for you.

    anyway, I added your feed.

    • Lol, I keep forgetting about it and then someone leaves me a comment and I’m like, “Oh yeah, that douche again.” I like how he doesn’t tell his ‘friends’ the whole story. the douche called me a bad mother and a drunk, because god forbid I should have a few drinks at a party at my house. Apparently, 4 hard ciders in 4 months is being a drunk.

      Thanks for adding my feed! What’s your name? You can email me privately if you don’t want Ryan to see.
      erin @ ohhonestlyerin dot com

    • It’s really good to see that there are people who have been reading his journal that have brains and can see that something is not right with him. Thank you for being able to not blindly listen to his messed up version of things and see him for what he is.

  9. “Underneath his weight, the nurse wrote “uncooperative,” which makes me laugh.”

    Me too!

    So does the fact that he carries soup around! HYSTERICAL.

  10. nk Engine.

  11. i have cars spaghetti-o-s!

    i love chooch.
    he’s such an awesome little dude and he’s so much fun to be around.

    i iz jellis.

  12. In what percentile is your child’s head? 168th?

  13. that is too adorable for words. The can of soup, especially.

    I used to drag around a box of Super Mario Bros Kraft Dinner when I was about that age (so I’ve been told). Non-perishibles make the best friends, let me tell you.

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