Aug 312016

Why is everything so terrible. This whole year has been rife with death and bad news, and today a friend got realllllllly terrible news and I’m just so sick of this year! Enough is enough! We’re all crying Uncle!

So here, watch my dumb cat Drew listening to The Lost Boys for 60 seconds because cats are good. 

Hug someone. Tell someone something good. Tell me something good—please!

  4 Responses to “CRY LITTLE SISTER, INDEED”

  1. Something good – I got you a small birthday gift like a month before your birthday, and it finally got delivered today. So you have a present waiting for you!

    Sorry everything sucks. This year just blows balls all around.

    • It really does blow balls all around! I honestly can’t remember the last time an entire year was so shitty for so many people. It’s ALMOST hilarious!

      It’s been way too long since we hung out – we should do that soon (& not just ‘cuz i want a present ha!)

  2. If this is a challenge, it is answered by a young Chaka Khan in Rufus [youtube

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