Mar 292017

The weekend was only three days ago and I already forget most of it.  I think it was mostly an OK one though! Saturday, we did that thing at Chooch’s school which I already told you about, Dear Diary. 

Then later that night we met up with Chronica at Bruster’s for some Is Cram, which is Chooch-speak for Ice cream. Now you’ll be able to communicate with him if you ever come to life, my make-believe friends. 

Over ice cream, Monica randomly* mentioned that when Chris started working  at the law firm, she would come home and tell Monica about the cool girl there that she wanted to be friends with and GUESS WHO SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT? 


*(Probably not actually random. I’m sure there was a natural segueway into this and not Monica screaming, “I CANT KEEP THIS TO MYSELF ANY LONGER!”)

That made me happy because I used to do the same thing except I was coming home and telling Henry, who probably cared less than Monica. I think the moment I knew that we were destined to be friend was when she overheard me tell Boss Amber that it was Weird Fruit Salad time and she asked me what kind of weird fruit I had. 

“Cherimoya,” I said. And then Chris relied, “I love cherimoya!” It turns out she used to eat it when she lived in Spain! 

I can totally see Todd going home and telling all of his friends about the awesome broad at work who busts everyone’s tastebuds with the dangerous foreign candy she brings in, and how desperately he wants to be friends with her. 

(I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.)

Anyway, WOW what an amazing segue into Sunday, which found us walking into the heart of Brookline. When you think about it, Brookline is kind of a miniature Epcot. You’ve got the Greek restaurant, a billion pizza places, an African market, a Vietnamese nail salon, a Chinese restaurant, and the two places on our Sunday itinerary: the Mexian market and Pitaland. 

So yeah, EXACTLY like Epcot, without the big silver ball thing and filled with Yinzers. 

(I haven’t been to Epcot since 1990 so if you’ve never believed me before, don’t start now.)

I specifically wanted to go to the Mexican market for some fresh candy flavors, which I will tell you about in painstaking detail at a later date.

A quick stop at Pitaland afterward for olives and, well, pita. I felt like I was cheating on Korea and that made me sad. That’s how I know this is real. I never feel sad when I’m cheating on Henry. 


I always feel sad when I cheat on him. 


I don’t cheat on him. 



Oh! And Chooch’s Secret Friend came out of hibernation and sent him a postcard, just because! That’s a thing that happened on Saturday but I don’t feel like moving this to the beginning. 

Later that day, Henry came home from “the store” and found me sitting on the kitchen floor, reading a box. This seemed to concern him so I had to explain that there was Hangul on it and I was trying to sound it out. 

The one Asian market we go to reuses boxes instead of bagging things, but usually the boxes are for Chinese products. I was really excited that this box was in Korean! It was a big box that bulk noodles came in, in case you were wondering. 

Which brings us to the next weekend item: the bibim naengmyeun that Henry made me for dinner on Sunday! He said I must be getting immune to spicy food because he had already put two heaping sooonfuls of gochujang in it, plus gochugaru, but I said I could barely taste it so he had to put another spoonful in it, but not without sighing gravely. 

It was a great dinner, followed by an episode of Running Man*, putting the perfect cap on a great weekend. Henry did pretty much everything I told him to and that’s all it takes for a weekend to be great in my book. 

*(I feel like I’m almost as obsessed with this as I was with the CLASSIC Dan Tanna series “Vega$” when I was in 11th grade and tried to make all my friends watch it but they were like naw I’m good.)

And thanks to my k-diet, I’m officially at my lowest weight since probably 2004, and I feel so accomplished! 

So when I’m feeling totally emo tomorrow (the one year anniversary of finding my aunt Sharon half-conscious on the floor of my Pappap’s house, which snowballed into the most nightmarish year of my life) and the next day (the two-year anniversary of Marcy’s death), I’ll go back and read some of my weekend recaps while fighting off the Return of the Doom & Gloom.  I’m gonna needs lots of good thoughts and Kpop aerobics to get me through.  하이팅!

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  1. At least you’re not having to endure dreary, snowy weather like we’re expecting in Colorado this weekend. Congrats on accomplishing your weight loss goals!

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