Feb 142023

My Valentines Day was pretty quiet, boring, status quo…


I got the vapors. Literally had a hard time breathing. Couldn’t speak. Henry was like OK THAT’S ENOUGH STOP THE DRAMATICS. But no bitch really where’s my fainting couch.

Now I’m just sick to my stomach, preemptively fretting about the WILL I or WON’T I when it comes time to join the Ticketmaster Hunger Games. Trying to buy a ticket to see one of your favorite artists SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THIS.

But it is. And it will be.

I don’t know when tickets go on sale. I will definitely be trying to get a ticket though! Because it’s NCT DREAM YOU GUYS THE MOTHERFUCKING DREAMIES! I have never seen Renjun in real life before!!!!!

But here’s this adorable picture I took of them at SMTown in Seoul! This was when Jaemin was injured so he’s missing from the picture :(

Ugh I feel so stressed out already. I really want to see them, you guys!!

Say it don't spray it.

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