Jun 242008

Today the light bulb went off. Instead of letting my son grind chalky streaks into the hardwood floor and along his dome, maybe I might take him outside and let him go chalk-wild on the sidewalk. I think that’s maybe why it’s called sidewalk chalk?

Once outside, I was hoping that Chooch would sit quietly in the grass and watch in awe as I created colorful masterpieces upon the cement. Instead, he stole his own pieces and scrawled angry lines through my fantastic doodles. And I had a REALLY AWESOME robot out there, too. I even took the time to SHADE that bitch.

Chooch is napping now and the competitve side of me wants to go back out and draw a bigger, badder robot. A robot with a gaping maw that’s engulfing all of Chooch’s gay drawings. But I have to let Chooch win sometimes, right?

Parenting is hard.

  6 Responses to “Just wait until he’s old enough to play Boggle”

  1. Leave it to you to make a picture of sidewalk chalk look like art.

  2. sit quietly in the grass?

    chooch isn’t just a part of the action. a lot of times he IS the action.

    I bet that robot is awesome!

  3. I’m sure it was a great robot you drew. Ah competition =)
    Glad you both are enjoying the chalk!

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