Aug 182008

Some of my earliest memories center around the stereo room in my grandparent’s house, a.k.a my grandma’s clown room. Listening to a plucky rendition of Dr.

Zhivago’s Theme play from a music box, rifling through my mom’s and her sister’s old record collection (and always pulling out Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl”), carefully dusting around the clowns with a feather duster for money and thinking I was such a big help.

I’d like to use my (hopefully brief) employment hiatus to do some kind of project in this room, but my damn aunt is fucking possessive about the house now that I’m not sure if I can find a way around her.

It would be fun to have people dressed as clowns, chilling out around the fake ones. Hiding in corners, rolling blunts on the chessboard.

I need to send my aunt to a fucking day spa and get this done.

My aunt seriously hounded me all weekend about coming to visit, but then as soon as she caught me taking pictures in the clown room, she got all flustered and pushed us out of the house. She must have fucking Hoffa hidden under the floor boards or something.

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  1. Well. It’s good to know construction on my personal hell-space has finished. I will me moving in immediately proceeding my death.

    Seriously. *shudder*

    People think it’s like funny or whatever to be afraid of clowns and I think people take it as me overreacting or just joking around when I mention that absolutely terrified of them but it’s so true. Sometimes I forget about it and then I see one. Or sometimes just a picture of one or one on TV (Oh, God, my palms are getting all sweaty right now just thinking about it) and my breath catches in my throat and I basically just freeze.

    Toy clowns don’t freak me out quite as badly as actually people dressed as clowns but they still make me uncomfortable.

    • My mom is the same way, and I always wonder how she managed to grow up in a house with an entire room devoted to them!

      Clowns don’t freak me out, and I think it’s probably because I was desensitized by it. Too bad there isn’t a room devoted to chainsaws, because then maybe I wouldn’t piss myself every time I hear one.

      Seriously yesterday we were in the car and as we were driving past a wooded area, I heard a dirt bike and jumped/clutched my heart because I thought it was a chainsaw.

  2. oh, right but i forgot to say that your photos are really nice, though. i wish i could afford a camera that didn’t suck and i also wish i didn’t suck at composition and all that other photography crap. heh.

    and i am thinking of purchasing your tabernacle photo on etsy because i love it. i just need to make a buck or several first.

  3. Jesus christ, your kid looks like you. Lucky for him.
    x! o! xoxo!

  4. these pictures are awesome!
    i especially love the way the light and dark places fall on the picture of choch.

    your grandma’s house is like perfect for your creative ideas…

  5. You have a wonderful sense of lighting! I still struggle with imagining how the light will look on the film/computer. I always get shadows I don’t want and it never comes out like I envision. Except night shots, that is. I can rock the long exposure night photography for some reason.

    • I struggle with that too! I’m ok with outdoor photos, but anytime I have to use the flash, I get so frustrated and disappointed with the results because it always looks so hard and unnatural! So Henry was like, “Look, I’m tired of you bitching. Just go and practice somewhere.” So that’s what I did at my grandma’s. I have no clue what I’m doing!

      • I have a book on studio lighting that shows you exactly how to set up the lights and how it will look when you’re done. Did I ever take it with me when I was in school and had studio access? Heck, no! Why get good results, consistent results and lose the element of surprise. Or something.

        Really, though. I have some photo floods for taking pictures of Delia and I should refer to that book when I set them up. I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I can set up some simple portrait lighting, but if I want to get fancy it all goes wrong. :(

  6. I LOVE that one with the little photo of you in the background!! Ah, the clown room, so creepy. Perfectly creepy.

  7. that wallpaper is so 70’s porno glam

    wtf is your aunt’s problem? It’s your grandma. Tell her to fuck off.

    • I know, right?? She’s so fucking weird. She locks all the doors now so no one can visit my grandma if she (my aunt) isn’t home.

      I should also add that my aunt (mom’s older sister) has never married and never moved out of the house. WEIRDO!

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