May 232012

Because sometimes it’s nice to give the words a rest.


Note to self: Don’t leave Jonny alone with Henry.


Late night cable access laffs: Hip Hop with Cassie. (Couldn’t get Henry to participate.)


Choochelina: Shoe Model.


Jonny and I went to see Cabin in the Woods Sunday night. Don’t worry – Laura chaperoned.


Ended the weekend with new nails. Studded swag, y’all.

(“Shit. If only she were always this succinct,” said everyone who is forced to read this blog.)

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  4 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Evidence”

  1. The nails turned out awesome!!!!

  2. Chooch looks great in those shoes. And I freaking love your nails!

  3. I am legit scared of your johnny doll after seeing him with that syringe.

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