Apr 222013

Today I am sharing two of my favorite Pierce the Veil songs because they are wonderful and maybe you will like them too. (Also because we just saw them for the fourth time in less than a year on Saturday and they just never fail to make my heart swell. You can ask Henry. I always turn around and yell in his ear, “THEY MAKE MY HEART SWELL!” So he is an expert on this.)

I get so lost in this song every time. Vic has said that he wrote this song for his parents, who are always financially struggling no matter how hard his dad works. It just makes me think of Henry, of how hard he has worked to keep our family OK and to make sure we have a roof over our heads. We’ve been through so much together over the last 12 years and I might rag on him constantly on the Internet, but the truth is, he has sacrificed so much for me and I would pretty much follow him anywhere because I am permanently his.

If I had to pick one favorite PTV song, it’s this one. Everything about it is so multi-dimensional – the lyrics, the music, the emotions it brings up in me. I heard them play this live for the first time last November and I swear I held my breath through the whole thing and then gushed to Henry for days on end, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY PLAED BESITOS. WE GOT TO HEAR THEM PLAY BESITOS!” It’s hard to explain why it makes me feel the way it does, because the lyrics are so cryptic and kind of obtuse, but I will just say that it makes me think of someone for whom I have vacillating feelings of fondness and hatred. The line “You know I’ve never held a gun in my life, but now I carry one around in case I see you tonight” makes me fucking rage out internally every time I hear it.

And then by the end of the song, I feel a little bit of inner peace. It’s a very confusing 4 minutes.

I spent so much of my life turning to music to help me thru bad times and even though I am an adult now with a great support system, music still helps me heal. Maybe we don’t like the same music, but if you can relate to that, isn’t that really all that matters? Music saves.

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  1. I really like both of these songs. And music… I think I saw on Pinterest once a quote that said, “if you want to know how a girl is feeling, pay attention to the music she’s listening to” and it couldn’t be more true for me. I know music doesn’t mean a lot to some people but without it, I’d fall to pieces weekly.

    • That’s an incredible quote!

      I like that I have people in my life who get it and understand it (like you) and also people who don’t really understand it but think it’s cool that something affects me in such a positive way. I used to get made fun of for being so emotional about music but I think people are beginning to understand that it’s not about being immature or overly-sensitive, it’s about connecting and being a part of something, which is why I will always support Warped Tour. I only wish that you lived closer so we could go to shows together!! (I’m sure Henry really wishes for that too, lol!)

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