Apr 232014


Me: Basically, every muscle in my legs hurt…wait, are shins muscles?
Henry, sighing: No, those are bones.
Me: OK, well those hurt too.

The results for Week One are in and my team is ranked #9 in the whole firm (and our firm is fucking ginormous and international, you guys) with a total of 321,448 points. My individual total for the week was 157,181 so….you’re welcome Team Adverse to Sitting. It also helps that I don’t have A MEANDERING CAREY on my team this time!

I’m really in a groove though! I’ve been doing cardio every morning and every night after work, with a shit-ton of walking in between. At first it was really excruciating, but now I’m like GIVE ME MORE. Until I wake up in the morning and have to roll myself out of bed because my body is so wrecked. My body was so sore on Monday that the stop-motion way I had to walk Chooch to school that morning made me look Claymation. Maybe Gumby will ask me to prom.

I am trying so hard to not be a competitive douchebag knee-breaker in the style of Tonya Harding, but….you’re going down, No More Pat.

  7 Responses to “Law Firm Fitness Challenge: Week 1 Wrap-Up”

  1. I want you on my team. I mean, I don’t have a team yet, but when I do, I’m picking you first.

  2. Great job!! If you’re feeling sore, I would suggest buying a foam roller from Dick’s or probably even Target/Walmart. It seriously changed my life when I started running and couldn’t move for days at a time plus its mindlessly calorie burning and can be done when you are watching TV (aka my life haha).

  3. *insert douchebag comment like “PAIN IS FAT CRYING” here*

    Jillian Michaels approves of your pain.

  4. Keep up the good work! Proud of you.

  5. You’re rocking it! Way to go!

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