Nov 102017

I worked late shift today from home which was an unplanned blessing because I had a really restless night and woke up feeling worse than the day before. It was nice not having to drag myself into work in the morning.

Chooch didn’t have school today, which was the sole reason why I volunteered for the dreaded Friday late shift. Before I was sick, we planned on having breakfast at Parker’s and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it. Once the DayQuil set in, I was about 50% alert so we walked out asses through the unseasonably blustery winds to Brookline Blvd and had a nice, chill breakfast. I sincerely love Parker’s – the vibe is something Brookline has been missing but didn’t know it.

Anyway. Chooch has to do this intense genre report in his Communications class and I suggested that he choose The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin because it was my favorite book as kid and it’s all about me,* so.

*(Seriously – Chooch had to write an All About Me essay and when it was time to write about his family, I made sure I got the largest paragraph. He read it out loud to me and when he got to the last sentence**, he punctuated it with a hefty eye roll.)

**(“She is very talented.” LOL.)

So Chooch brought his book with him to read and I was so excited about this. I actually did a book report on it as well but it was in 4th grade. Not saying I was more advanced than Chooch, but…

J/k there’s no competition here!

(My work friends are like yeah right tell them about the cookie dough, Erin. Um, maybe the next post.)

The Westing Game made a big impression on me. It’s one of the few plots I actually remember (my memory rules in a lot of way but books are not one) and I was so happy when he seemed open to my suggestion! He has only just begun to read it and is already intrigued. I keep telling him to stop googling (he wanted to know if there was a movie) because I would cry if it’s spoiled for him.

The main takeaway I had from this book is to swish with hot tea and bourbon to alleviate toothaches. I can’t tell you how many times I have utilized that remedy over the years. Ugh, it’s such good pain!

If anyone still reads this and feels like weighing in, what was your favorite book as a kid?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do some shots….of NyQuil. Woo, Friday night.

  6 Responses to “Breakfast Book Club”

  1. Very young, I read all the Raggedy Ann and Andy series. Ever see those? They are dolls in a child’s room, and when the child leaves they come alive (like in Toy Story) and open books and fall into the stories and have adventures with other storybook characters.

    Alittle older, I read Heidi and Pippi Longstocking and Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.


  2. I was a huge Call of the Wild and Whitefang kid, but if I had to pick just one book that stands out the most it would be “The Fledgling.” It’s about a little girl and a magical goose? I’m not really sure about the goose. In fact, the plot makes less and less sense as the book progresses but for some reason it emotionally devastated me.

    I’m going to see if our library has Westing Game!

  3. The book I remember most from my childhood – pre-teen years is The Brownie Scout mystery. I even tried to track a copy down a few years ago, but have been unsuccessful thus far. After that it was Trixie Belden, and then eventually VC Andrews – which just makes me shudder now. /shudders/

    • Thanks for weighing in! I remember when I was little, seeing a bunch of VC Andrews books at my grandparents house – I guess they were my aunts’ or mom’s – and then finally reading Flowers in the Attic in middle school and being sooooo messed up over it!

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