Jan 242018

Friends. If you’re not into Valentines, skip this post. Because aside from exercising and watching k-dramas, making Valentines has been consuming my life for the last several weeks and I have to say, I’m not mad about it. Some might know that I have been making greeting cards since 2006 and have had a shop on Etsy since 2009 (I used to sell them out of my main art Etsy but then gave them their own brand after seeing that there was actually (surprisingly) a market for them!

Anyway, this little quick background check is all to say that my interest was really waning recently. I wasn’t really creating any new designs, even though I was getting convos from people asking for certain things, etc. But then I started to add kpop designs into the mix with the good old serial killer and vintage porn star standbys, and suddenly I felt excited and inspired to start creating again. I already posted twice last week about my new line of mini Valentines, but I had to come back and do it again because since then, I have added two new sets to the line-up: Kpop #2 and Serial Killers #2! I am so proud of my little babies!

So please indulge me for a few minutes while I gush and show off my new additions. I’m trying to be more pushy active with promoting my wares.

KPOP Mini Valentine Set #2 comes with 16 new designs!

  • 2NE1
  • Jin (BTS)
  • Bae Suzy
  • Winner
  • Taeyang
  • Blackpink
  • SNSD
  • BTS
  • Kard
  • GOT7
  • F(x)
  • Mamamoo
  • T-ARA
  • U-Kiss
  • Red Velvet

I really enjoy making cards because I get to let my cringe-iness run loose & piss on some fire hydrants and postal carriers, you know?

Each set of 16 comes packaged in a little Valentine bag.

Both sets are only $8 a piece over at Hello Hanguk! I’m also working on a BTS set, as well, to appease all the Armys out there. (When really I just want to be making Taemin-only sets for daaaaays. *lovesick*)

Meanwhile, over on the darkside a/k/a noncomposcards, I made a second set of serial killer Valentines as well!

This set features some old standbys as well as some brand new designs that I made specifically for this set:

  • Harry Powers
  • Ed Gein #1
  • Gary Ridgway
  • Richard Speck
  • Charles Manson
  • HH Holmes
  • Richard Ramirez
  • Ken & Barbie Killers
  • Lizzie Borden
  • Aileen Wuornos (new design!)
  • Ed Gein #2
  • David Berkowitz (new design!)
  • BTK (new design!)
  • Zodiac Killer (new design!)
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Jerry Brudos (new design!)

I’m so into these little guys. Please purchase some! I need money for Korea, lol. And remember, I made custom cards too so if you’re looking for something more specific to your interests, hit me up!

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