Jun 222015


Incredibly, Chooch agreed to an impromptu photo shoot today when I came home from work and didn’t even ask for money or Skylanders in return. And I know exactly why.



Chooch has a “girlfriend” apparently. She’s someone from his class and before school ended, they exchanged Instagram names. So now he’s all about pictures of himself, so that he can post them and then tag her to see if she’ll say anything. Usually it’s things like, “You’re weird.”


So he was like, “Yeah let’s do this thang.”


IMG_9097 IMG_9088 copy IMG_9090

His go-to pose.

IMG_9096 IMG_9101

His hair combined with his loud mouth make it easy to keep tabs on him when he’s out and about.


Obligatory Flock of Seagulls shot.

In other news, taking in-focus photos is becoming increasingly harder for me to accomplish because my eyesight is getting so horrible but I still haven’t made an appointment to get them checked because I LIVE DANGEROUSLY. Also because I constantly forget to do adult things.

  3 Responses to “purple hair don’t care”

  1. I love it. You should have him do blue next.

  2. Beautiful as always. The best one is that go-to pose one with the gun fingers. And I love how these also capture everything about being a kid. Riding bikes and the scrapes and bruises and unkempt shirts and the fun. And that hair.


  3. Why would you need to get your eyes checked when you got Henry? :) He can be your eyesight. I love that tropical print next to his purple hair. He looks great!

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