Jul 292010

My friendship with Andrea aka MrsEvils has been one of the best things to come from my membership in Etsy’s Dark Side. Not only is she the go-to girl for all things zombie, but she’s witty, pretty, and basically one of the coolest people I know. So when a box was received by my pants-less son yesterday (the mail man is pretty much unfazed by us anymore, doesn’t even flinch when he hears one or all of us screaming bloody murder), and I saw the My Pretty Zombie label on it, I wrenched it out of Chooch’s hands faster than Henry jerks off when he sees an F-16.

Inside was a Gogol Bordello CD to keep me all crazed during Blogathon, a horned rubber duck (Chooch confiscated that), and a tub of my favorite shade of eyeshadow from the new cosmetics line she’s launching. All of that alone would have been enough to appease me, but then she had to go and throw this into the mix:

MY VERY OWN MY PRETTY ZOMBIE! I have been coveting these ever since I first found her shop! Chooch tried to say it was meant for him and I was like, “Go get your own birthday, asshole.” I made the mistake of eating carrots and hummus while editing these photos and subsequently sent my gag reflex begging for mercy.  I’m pretty sure that means Andrea has succeeded.


Chooch inspected her with complete unbridled awe, then murmured, “I wish she didn’t have any clothes on.”

Ugh. I love her so hard. AND SHE TALKS. My favorite thing she says is “L-O-L!” She is so my doll. Andrea, you are the raddest. I hope that someday we can sip champagne from straws together.

If you want to know more about Andrea, go read the feature I did on her last August! It’s totally worth the read.

  13 Responses to “More Spoiling by Etsy’s Dark Side!”

  1. ZOMG! She is super rad. I am loving her homocidal red demon eyes.

    You are one lucky wench Erin.

    Happy Birthday!


  2. That is awesome. Great gifts! happy Birthday Erin!

  3. Omg. This totally made my whole night. For the record, let chooch know that her clothes do come off. I didn’t even glue her shoes on so she can wear a new outfit every day if you like! I knew she was meant for you when o heard her talk. My fav thing she says is “call me on my cell phone”. Lol
    I’m so glad that you love her and I’m so glad that we are friends. So if I show up at your house someday with a bottle of veuve cliquot and 2 giant pixie stix straws, don’t be surprised. Happy happy birthday! I love you tons.

  4. Holy crap, that is awesome! Erin, your kid is too damn funny. Happy Birthday!!

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  6. OMGosh, I’m totally gonna have to show these to my daughter!! She’ll this they are super cool!!

    Happy Birthday!

    From a bf ff friend=)

  7. Okay. If you were going for a zombie doll that one def takes the cake. I didn’t even know Etsy had a “dark side”. Ya’ really do learn something new every day.

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