Jul 222012


It’s amazing how much progress has been made on the new Castle Blood digs in the last two months since we last visited. I’m so excited for the haunt season to commence!


Henry’s all annoyed because I walked away with more ideas for our future dining room. But Ricky said he would help, so there Henry.

(Last night I put some bids on antique embalming fluid bottles to use as vases. Worst case scenario: I’m gonna have the coolest tree house in Brookline.)





Of course Henry had to flaunt his handiness. Wouldn’t be the same otherwise.

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  1. Some of our haunted houses were open the weekend of Friday the 13th, so for our anniversary we were able to get in a little haunted action. Best idea ever. I love that wolfsbane bottle, and embalming bottles as vases is an absolutely brilliant idea.

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