Dec 282012



Chooch made us this card in school and it’s the best thing ever. Henry and I try to take him to as many cool places as we can and it’s nice to know that it’s not gone unnoticed. I just want him to be able to look back on his childhood and feel happy about it.

I love that kid so much.

  6 Responses to “My Favorite Christmas Present”

  1. That is such a sweet card! You can tell he appreciates the museums, carnivals, road trips and other adventures, for sure. We got your card yesterday (I’m sure it arrived earlier but as usual I’ve been traveling for work). Please tell Chooch that it is amazing, and that he definitely has a career in greeting cards! His Rudolph is awesome and looks perfect on the front of the card. Is he going to be putting out a boxed set next year? I’d love to send out Cards by Chooch! By the way, “don’t eat the tinsel” is a really solid tip. No way that shit breaks down in your belly…

  2. Aww, that is really sweet. Especially coming from Chooch. He even called you Mom and Dad!

  3. Awww, that is so, so sweet. <3

  4. That is so awesome! What a sweet gift :)

  5. Why am I almost crying??? So sweet! He is an amazing kid and is lucky to have you and Henry as parents :)

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