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Blake came over to visit us Saturday night! Yay! We don’t get to see him nearly as much as we’d like to, because, you know, he’s 20 and has a life. He hadn’t even fully crossed our threshold yet before Chooch was erupting in a near-epileptic fit of “Blake! Blake! Blake! Hey, Blake!”s. And then we had to sit there and pretend to be students in Chooch’s Internet Meme class. He refused to believe that old people like us know memes, so he gave Blake a notebook and demanded him to draw the memes that he knew.

Well, Blake. YOU chose to spend your Saturday night this way!


I want to say Sunday was leisurely but it really wasn’t because somehow, even though I did not lift one literal finger during the entire coffee table DIY extravanza, I managed to get sick from inhaling spray paint fumes.


Chooch actually came outside for awhile and we stalked a chirping squirrel. It was really exciting! This squirrel was so pissed off at something on the other side of the fence, maybe a cat? I don’t know, but it was hilarious to watch. Then we went back in the house and had a legitimate fight with each other over who was going to tell Marcy. Chooch won. :(


Marcy did NOT give a shit.

Speaking of Marcy, here’s a picture of her wearing my bowtie last Friday night:


Every antonym for “thrilled”!

As the day went on, my spray paint ailment kept getting worse. At first it was just a slight headache, but then we left to go to the asian market for fruit (more on that in another post) and I started to feel nauseous. But we were going to get ice cream after fruit-shopping and you better believe I’m going to have to be sicker than that to pass up ice cream. But it was kind of putting me in a bad mood, so I acted all diva-ish at the first place we stopped.

“NOTHING IS JUMPING OUT AT ME, OK?!” I snarled. And Henry just sighed and he’s lucky he didn’t say what he I know he was thinking (“Their menu is the same as all the others.”). So we ended up going to Oh Yeah! which is where I originally wanted to go but I was trying to be accomodating by choosing a different place closer to the asian market.

You guys, Oh Yeah! is the shit. It’s kind of like a Cold Stone Creamery in that you can choose a base ice cream and then pick whatever mix-in you want. But Oh Yeah! is a vegan-friendly indie establishment with soy-based flavors in addition to regular Dave and Andy’s offerings, and their mix-in menu is bananas. They pander to my lavender-loving taste buds and they also have amazing waffles, if you’re into that kind of thing. I have always sensed that Henry does not like Oh Yeah! because it’s too cool for him.


As usual, we told Henry what we desired in a cone (way more complex than ordering twist cones, so sorry, Henry) and then ditched him. The same guy is always working there, I’m not sure if he’s the owner or not, but he and Henry seem to have a mutual affinity for one another and I’m going to go off on a limb here and guess that it has everything to do with their fantastic facial coifs. I need to get a picture of that guy next time. I think he’s the same guy who coerced me into buying a bottle of Kambucha back in 2009, which took me almost a week to drink. I’m almost positive he rides a sick bike, too. I want to be friends with him but he is really intimidating.

As usual part 2, I’ve had entirely too much coffee today and now I’m trying to blog which always spells disaster in alphabet soup letters.


Henry, forever ordering ice cream alone.


Chooch killed time by plunking keys on the piano by the door. At first I was like, “Oh god, we’re going to get kicked out” because I expected him to start hammering out the Schizophrenic’s Waltz with his mallet-hands, but instead, he gently tapped a few keys and then whispered to me, “Isn’t it the saddest song ever?”

And then, “You should buy a piano for the house, so then when you ask me to entertain you, I can.”

He has all of the plans.


More importantly, I got sweet cream with lavender, pretzels and coffee grinds and it was fantasmic. Fantastic and orgasmic. Get it? Fantastic + orgas….

….eh, forget it.

I was orginally going to order one of the house combinations called Honeyhead, which had baklava and orange peel in it, but Henry was all, “NO THAT IS WHAT I AM GOING TO GET. GO BACK TO YOUR LAVENDER.” So I thought, “Wow, this will work out great. I’ll just share with Henry and then still get to eat all of my own because Henry hates lavender and coffee!” But that dumbass used chocolate ice cream as his base and it was all effed up. Way to go, Henry.

I was SO MAD about this too. He was all, “But why? This is MY ice cream!”

Whatever. What’s his is mine. Duh.


As soon as we came home, I thought I was going to barf, but I held it in because what a waste of perfectly good ice cream that would be! But serioulsy, those fumes had really gone to my head at that point and I had to actually TAKE A NAP which I only ever do when I’m really sick. So you know I was really sick.

Meanwhile, Henry went to the store to get the stuff I needed to practice baking pie pops later that evening. Yes, he left Chooch and I home alone. But we managed to just hang out in my room without fighting or igniting. We tried to teach ourselves to snap our fingers at one point, but that was unsuccessful.

Then I spent Sunday evening bouncing back and forth between the Penguins pre-season game and practicing pie pops, until I flat out quit the pie pop part and focused solely on lounging on the couch with my Penguins.

Anyway: A pox on baking. (More on that in the asian market post.)

At some point, I made Henry eat a rainbow-y treat, but we both agreed it was pretty terrible.


All in all, it was a pretty relaxing weekend, which is nice because the next several weekends are going to be really busy. Really fun, but busy. Gotta get it all in before the neverendingly oppressive winter months fall upon us.

  3 Responses to “Weekend Picturepalooza”

  1. Fuck winter and the fact that it was COLD on my way to work this morning. Boo!

    Anyway, your ice cream posts make me crazy jealous. I need some good ice cream in my life, stat. Marcy is so pretty! And that bowtie, it looks wonderful on her. Turbo hates collars, but will lounge around the house with ribbons and bows and scarves around his neck. I think my cat is gay, but I’m okay with that. I just call him Fancy Cat.

    • Yeah! One of my co-workers was going on and on about how much she loves winter and I just couldn’t relate. I almost didn’t even know how to respond to that. It’s like, once Christmas comes and goes, it just feels like DOOOOOOOM.

  2. “As soon as we came home, I thought I was going to barf, but I held it in because what a waste of perfectly good ice cream that would be!”

    As usual, I cannot, cannot stop laughing.

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