May 312009


Orally fixated on balloons. But really, who isn’t. AMIRIGHT.


I hate that everything Chooch has is so much cooler than my own stuff.

I was using a Rugrats comforter when I met Henry. In fact, I had a Rugrats shower curtain too. Then he moved in and adultified everything, that no-fun-havin’ Zetterburg. At least Chooch gets to have a fun room.


“I can still sleep in your room though, right Mommy?”

  10 Responses to “Chooch: Official Crib Graduate”

  1. Yes this is very cool. Green is my fav. color. Most of my walls are green. And that bed looks bouncer-fic!

    • Green walls are so relaxing! I keep trying to get Henry to paint the walls in our other rooms, because every other room is white, stark boring white and I think that’s one of the reasons I hate it here so much.

  2. I love green!

    Also, awwww, his hairs are so long and curly!

    • I love green too! Those walls always make me feel calm.

      I was looking at pictures of him from last fall and I can’t believe how much hair he’s grown since then (finally!). He was half-bald for so long, but now those old pictures look so weird to me!

  3. Um, hello? Those striped walls are completely awesome. I want.

    • Henry and I fought over those stupid stripes back when we were getting the room ready before Chooch was born. He hated them so bad but I insisted that the walls HAD TO BE STRIPED. I still love it and it remains the only nice room in our house.

  4. His laughing is cracking ME up.

  5. loving the walls. come paint my house please.

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